August 6, 2019

Diamondhead, Miss. Aug. 6, 2019 – Children will be returning to school tomorrow, Wednesday, August 7th.   Please use caution as buses will begin making their daily routes throughout the City to pick up and drop off children.   To ensure the safety of everyone, Mississippi Code §63-3-615 provides that “the driver of a vehicle upon a street or highway upon meeting or overtaking any school bus that has stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging any school children shall come to a complete stop at least ten (10) feet from the school bus before reaching the school bus when there is in operation on the school bus the flashing red lights, or when a retractable stop sign is extended; the driver shall not proceed until the children have crossed the street and the school bus has resumed motion or the flashing red lights are no longer actuated and the stop sign is retracted.”

This law applies to all single roads in Diamondhead. The only exception is the four lanes between Diamondhead Drive East and Kalani Drive and the Diamondhead Drive East/Golf Club Drive split, where any cars behind a bus must stop as indicated as above. Oncoming cars in the four-lane section are not required to stop.