Diamondhead Official Awarded 2nd Certification Level by the Mississippi Municipal League

July 5, 2016

MML Graduation

Councilman-at-Large Ernie Knobloch in Diamondhead was recently awarded the designation of Advanced Certified Municipal Official (CMO) by the Mississippi Municipal League (MML). This is the second level of the Certified Municipal Official (CMO) program, which was implemented by the MML in 2002.

Before earning the Advanced CMO certification, participants must have earned the Basic CMO certification, which focuses on the basics of municipal organization, law, finance, and land use. It is only after the Basic CMO certification has been earned that participants can earn the Advanced designation, which requires 40 additional hours of course work and focuses on economic and community development.

MML Executive Director Shari T. Veazey stated, “The Advanced CMO program provides the participants additional training to help them prepare for economic development opportunities that might become available for their city. Being able to effectively lead their city toward economic development and growth is critical to all municipal officials.”

Established in 1931, MML represents 295 cities, towns and village governments in Mississippi. The mission of the MML is helping cities and towns excel through training, lobbying at the state and federal level, and providing resources and networking opportunities with state, federal and private entities.