Garage Sale No-Fee Permit


Zoning Ordinance Rule 4.18.3.E. Garage and Yard Sales

  1. Limited to two (2) per year per property.
  2. Each sale shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
  3. A permit issued by the city shall be required and this permit will be displayed plain view on an external portion of premises facing the street.
  4. Signs placed or displaced calling notice to such sales shall in all respects be subject to the requirements of Section 10.9(K) and be placed adjacent to the right-of-way shoulders of the City Property, subject to the approval of the property owner. Such signs may only remain in place concurrently with the limited three consecutive day period.

Zoning Ordinance Rule 10.9. Exempt Signs

The following types of signs are exempted from the requirements of this Rule:
K. Garage sale signs not exceeding 1.5 square feet and placed between 5:00 p.m. on Friday and removed by dusk on the following Sunday, plus one additional day should a holiday fall on Friday or Monday.

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