November 21, 2017 Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, City Hall
and via teleconference, if necessary
November 21, 2017

6:00 p.m. CST


  1. Call to Order.
    1. Invocation – Councilmember Moran
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Roll Call
    4. Confirm or adjust agenda order
  2. Presentation Agenda.
    1. Council Comments
      1. The next regularly scheduled Council Meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. CST on November 21, 2017 in Council Chambers located at 5000 Diamondhead Circle.
      2. City Hall will be closed November 23rd and 24th for Thanksgiving Holidays.
      3. Presentation by Mayor and Council.
      4. Bobbi Kittle of Hub International – Employee Insurance Renewals.
      5. Jason Chiniche, Update on FY18 Tidelands Project.
    2. City Manager’s Report.
    3. Public Comments on Agenda Items
  3. Policy Agenda     
    1. Approval of Minutes:
      1. October 5, 2017
      2. October 17, 2017
      3. November 7, 2017
    2. Ordinances:
      1. 2018-053: Motion to adopt Ordinance 2018-002 Providing for the Regulation of Peddlers and Solicitors.
    3. Resolutions:
      1. 2018-033: Motion to adopt Resolution 2018-007 to Appointing Robert Redd (At-Large) to as Commissioner on the Diamondhead Water & Sewer District Board of Commission to fill unexpired term ending September 28, 2019.
      2. 2018-050: Motion to adopt Resolution 2018-009 Urging the Legislature to allow municipalities to submit debts owed by persons of this State to municipalities and to the State of Mississippi as a result of delinquent traffic fines to the Department of Revenue of collection through a setoff against state income tax refunds owed to the debtor.
    4. Action Agenda:
      1. 2018-035: Motion to approve the 2017 Municipal Compliance Questionnaire.
      2. 2018-049: Motion to authorize contribution to the Gulf Coast Business Council in the amount of $250.00 in support of the Annual Gulf Coast Legislative Reception.
      3. 2018-051: Motion to authorize travel, related and advanced meal payments for Officers Tom Kent and James Alphonso to attend the Street Survival Seminar to be held December 5 – 6, 2017 in Baton Rouge, LA.
      4. 2018-052: Motion to approve increased estimated project cost for Exit 16 Lighting, increase federal funding in the amount of $48,485 and increased local match funds in the amount of $12,121.
      5. 2018-054: Motion for discussion/possible action regarding the Hancock Chamber Visitor Center Feasibility Study.
      6. 2018-055: Approval of 2018 Employee Insurance renewals at current coverage levels for the period January -December 2018 for major medical with Blue Cross Blue Shield and basic life, dental and vision with Guardian.
      7. 2018-056: Motion to approve the sole source purchase of BodyWorn Camera Systems and Rocket Communications for the Police Department from Metrix Solutions per a 5-year agreement in the total amount of $60,000.00.
      8. 2018-057: Motion to approve contract renewal and enter into a 5 year agreement with Tyler Technologies at an annual rate of $35,567.00 for the Incode VX and V9 software licensing and maintenance for finance, municipal court and building departments.
      9. 2018-058: Motion to approve FY18 Tidelands Grant Award and Grant Agreement and authorize the City Manager to execute same.
      10. 2018-059: Motion for discussion/possible action regarding the FY18 Tidelands Grant Application amendment.
      11. 2018-060: Motion to accept and award the proposal of AGJ System for IT Services in the monthly amount of $1,725.00 and further to authorize the City Manager execute the 1-year agreement for same.
      12. 2018-061: Motion to approve payment to James Chiniche P.A. in the amount of $1,682.50 for professional services relating to the Montjoy Creek Restoration Project funded with Tidelands 18 Grant.
      13. 2018-062: Motion to approve payment to James Chiniche, P.A. Inc. in the amount of $1,757.38 for professional services relating to Bayou Dr. Kayak Launch funded by Tidelands 17 Grant.
      14. 2018-063: Motion to approve payment to James Chiniche, P.A. Inc. in the amount of $577.50 for professional services relating the E. Aloha Widening project.
      15. 2018-064: Motion to approve payment to James Chiniche, P.A. Inc. in the amount $1,095.50 for Live Oak Phase 2 improvements.
      16. 2018-065: Motion to approve a variance to the Zoning Ordinance (Article 4.6.5.E.iii to build a garage within 11’6″ of rear property line. (Hight)
      17. 2018-066: Approve Interfund Loans – Tidelands 18, E. Aloha Widening, Tidelands 17.
      18. 2018-067: Motion to approve Budget Amendments 2018-001-2018-002-2018-003 and 2018-004.
      19. 2018-068: Motion for discussion/possible action regarding Master Engineering Service Agreement amendments proposed by Linfield, Hunter, Junius, Inc.
      20. 2018-069: Motion for discussion/possible action regarding Master Engineering Service Contract Agreement amendments proposed by Covington Civil and Engineering.
    5. Routine Agenda.
      1. Motion to approve November 8, 2017 Payroll Payables, including benefits and taxes in the amount of $49,125.72.
      2. Motion to approve the Docket of Claims(Claims– DKT154255 – DKT154298) in the amount of $125,175.57.
      3. Motion to approve APPKT00724 in the amount of $520.12.
      4. Motion to approve APPKT 00732 in the amount of $1,000.00.
      5. Motion to approve October 2017 Financials.
  4. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items.
  5. Executive Session, if necessary
    1. Review applications for City Manager.
  6. Adjourn/Recess.