October 1, 2019 Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, City Hall
nd via teleconference, if necessary
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

6:00 p.m. CST


  1. Call to Order.
    1. Invocation – Councilmember Depreo
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Roll Call
    4. Confirm or adjust agenda order
  2. Presentation Agenda.
  1. Council Comments
    1. The next regularly scheduled Council Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. CST in Council Chambers located at 5000 Diamondhead Circle.
    2. Cruisin the Coast “Blessing of the Classics” will October 9th from 3-6 p.m.
    3. National Night Out will be held at October 14, 2019 at City Hall
    4. Diamondhead Festival & BBQ Competition to be held November 16th from 10 am. – 6 pm
    5. Proclaim November 2, 2019 White Cane Day in the City of Diamondhead
    6. Proclaim October 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    7. Mark Duffy, Blessing of the Classics Update
    8. Turnberry Drainage Update – Ben Bevenutti, Covington Civil & Environmental
  2. City Manager’s Report.
  3. Public Comments on Agenda Items.
  4. Policy Agenda.
    1. Approval of Minutes:
      1. September 17, 2019 Regular Meeting
    2. Ordinances:
      1. 2019-207: Motion to adopt Ordinance 2012-019.4, Tree Ordinance, Providing for the Protection and Continuance of the Heavy Tree Canopy.
      2. 2019-232: Motion to adopt Ordinance 2012.018.2 setting Legislative compensation for Mayor and Council for effective October 1, 2019.
    3. Resolutions:
      1. 2019-227: Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-037 thereby accepting county land (new library road and East Aloha adjacent to Rouses).
      2. 2019-229: Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-039 thereby appointing At-Large Robert Redd (Ward 3) to serve as Diamondhead Water & Sewer Commissioner effective September 29, 2014 for a term of five (5) years.
      3. 2019- 230: Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-040 thereby accepting the Deed of Dedication from Candr Properties, LLC for the donation of Lots 4, 5, 6 Block 1 Unit 6 with a total appraised value of $36,000.
      4. 2019-231: Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-0410 abandoning the drainage/utility easement between lots 10 & 11, Phase 1 Amended Unit 2 Block 6.. (Silcio)
      5. 2019-233: Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-043 thereby authorizing travel stipend for the Mayor in the amount of $100.00 per month for local travel.
    4. Consent Agenda:
      1. 2019-234: Motion to approve payment to James J. Chiniche in the amount of $1,276.03 for professional services relating to East Aloha Drive Improvement Study Project.
      2. 2019-235: Motion to approve payment to James J. Chiniche in the amount of $2.013.75 for professional services relating to Devil’s Elbow & Montjoy Creek Improvements.
      3. 2019-236: Motion to approve payment to James J. Chiniche in the amount of $211.25 for professional services relating to East Aloha Drive Widening.
      4. 2019-237: Motion to approve payment to Linfield, Hunter & Junius, Inc. in the amount of $997.50 for professional services relating to the Master Plan for Undeveloped Areas.
      5. 2019-238: Motion to approve payment to Pickering Firm in the amount of $750.00 for professional fees relating to Diamondhead Drive East Drainage.
      6. 2019-239: Motion to accept final close out, approve Change Order No. 1 in the amount of $388.69, and final payment to DNA Underground in the amount of $118,634.94 for Diamondhead Drive East Drainage Project.
      7. 2019-240: Motion to ratify and approve Work Assignment in the amount of $2,000 with Covington Civil & Engineering, LLC for Beau Vue II  review.
      8. 2019-241: Motion to approve payment in the total amount of $3,052.75 to Covington Civil & Engineering, LLC professional services relating to Beau Vue II Resubmittal Review.
      9. 2019-242: Motion to authorize $500 sponsorship advertising for the MS Gulf Coast Garden Club’s 2020 Annual Spring Pilgrimage.
      10. 2019-243: Motion to approve annual contribution to the American Red Cross in the amount of $500 pursuant to Mississippi Code §21-19-57.
      11. 2019-244: Motion to approve FY20 appropriations to Diamondhead SPCA in the amount of $9,600, CASA of Hancock County in the amount of $5,064, Keep Diamondhead Beautiful in the amount of $3,000, Hancock County Library System (East Hancock) in the amount of  $30,000, Hancock Human Resource Agency (Senior Center)  in the amount of $2,000 and Hancock County Tourism in the amount of $1,000.
      12. 2019-245: Motion to adopt the Police Detail/Security Policy.
      13. 2019-246: Motion to approve special events and authorize expenses for each as allocated in the FY20 budget.
      14. 2019-247: Motion to approve an upgrade to the firewall provided by AGJ in the amount of $107.00 monthly.
      15. 2019-248: Motion to approve Work Assignment with Digital Engineering in the amount of $88,525 for the Road Paving and Improvements.
      16. 2019-249: Motion to accept the proposal of Necaise & Company for professional services to prepare consolidated financial reports.
      17. 2019-251: Motion to approve Change Order No. 1 in the amount of $5,922.50 to the contract with Lagniappe Construction Co., Inc. for the Turnberry Drive Drainage.
      18. 2019-252: Motion to approve payment to Lagniappe Construction Co. Inc. in the amount of $23,348 for weir improvements for the Turnberry Drive Drainage Project.
      19. 2019-253: Motion to approve and accept the Municipal Compliance Questionnaire for the period October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019.
    5. Action Agenda.
      1. 2019-250: Motion to accept the donation of pest control and termite inspection services with an annual value of $893.60 for a period of one (1) year from Philip’s Pest Control Company, LLC.
    6. Routine Agenda.
      1. Motion to approve Payroll Payables APPKT01114 in the amount of $9,820.39.
      2. Motion to approve Docket of Claims DKT-156413-DKT156452- in the amount of $283,812.63.
      3. Motion to approve Docket of Claims DKT-156453 in the amount of $867.37.
  5.   Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items.
  6.   Executive Session, if necessary.
  7. Adjourn/Recess.