October 2, 2018 Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, City Hall
and via teleconference, if necessary
October 2, 2018

6:00 p.m. CST


  1. Call to Order.
    1. Invocation – Councilmember Moran
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Roll Call
    4. Confirm or adjust agenda order
  2. Presentation Agenda.
    1. Council Comments
      1. The next regularly scheduled Council Meeting will be held October 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. CST in Council Chambers located at 5000 Diamondhead Circle.
      2. The Diamondhead 6th Annual “Blessing of the Classics” will be Wednesday, October 3rd from 3 – 6 p.m.
      3. National Night Out will be held Monday, October 8th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.
      4. Hancock County Hazard Waste Collection Event will be at Coast Electric Power Association in Kiln on Saturday, October 20th from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
      5. Proclamation Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Rene Davis, Community Outreach Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence, Inc.
      6. Tish Williams, Hancock Chamber – RFP Update for Visitor Center
    2. City Manager’s Report.
  3. Public Comments on Agenda Items.
  4. Policy Agenda.
    1. Approval of Minutes:
      1. September 18, 2018
    2. Code Enforcement Hearings/Actions:
      1. Public Hearing: A Menace to the Public Health, Safety and Welfare of the Community at 84594 Diamondhead Drive North, Diamondhead, MS (property owner Jane A. Drew).
      2.  2018-279: Motion to consider Resolution 2018-040 finding and adjudicating property located at 84594 Diamondhead Drive North, Diamondhead, MS is in such a state of uncleanliness to be a menace to the public health, safety and welfare of the citizenry of the City and authorizing advertisement for bids to have said land cleared and cleaned and to assess the costs to the said property owner.
    3. Resolutions:
      1. 2018-280: Motion to adopt Resolution 2018-041 Requesting the Diamondhead Water & Sewer District approve the use of its decorative fire hydrant by the City of Diamondhead for the National Night Out Event.
    4. Action Agenda:
      1. 2018-273: Motion to discontinue State of Emergency Declaration enacted September 1, 2018 as the result of the Tropical Storm Gordon.
      2. 2018-274: Motion to authorize the Hancock Chamber to move forward with negotiations with Elliott Homes for contract development for the Visitor Center Project.
      3. 2018-275: Motion to approve payment in the amount of $882.50 to James J. Chiniche for professional services relating to the Devil’s Elbow permitting project.
      4. 2018-276: Motion to approve payment in the amount of $2,202.50 to James J. Chiniche for professional services relating to Ieke Drive Drainage.
      5. 2018-277: Motion to approve payment in the amount of $945.00 to James J. Chiniche for professional services relating to East Aloha Widening.
      6. 2018-278: Motion to approve payment in the amount of $6,744.50 to Covington Civil & Environmental, LLC for professional services relating to the Cooke drainage survey and inspection.
      7. 2018-281: Motion to authorize expenses not to exceed $500.00 for City and Police Department participation in the Diamondhead POA annual community Trunk or Treat event.
      8. 2018-282: Motion to concur with the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission in the matter of Case File 2018-00339 to approve a variance from the Zoning Ordinance (Aticle 8.4.1 C) to allow parked vehicles to back in to the right of way of Gex Road. (D. Patel of Jenny, Inc.)
      9. 2018-283: Motion to accept the FY18 Municipal Compliance Questionnaire, a required component of the annual financial reporting.
      10. 2018-284: Motion to accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the Inmate Medical Cost Containment Program Agreement under the Interlocal with Hancock County Sheriff’s Office thereby providing authority for payment of services outlined in the agreement effective October 1, 2018.
      11. 2018-285: Motion to authorize payment of the FY19 Budget allocation to the East Hancock Library in the amount of $30,000.
      12. 2018-286: Motion to authorize annual donation to American Red Cross in the amount of $500 pursuant to MS Code §21-19-57.
      13. 2018-287: Motion to approve continued services with Diamondhead S.P.C.A. for FY19 at the rate of $800.00 per month.
      14. 2018-288: Motion to approve policy governing the Diamondhead Police Department Retention Stipends.
      15. 2018-289: Motion to approve contract with AGJ Systems, Inc. for Back and Disaster Recovery services in the amount of $250.00 monthly.
      16. 2018-290: Motion to approve payment to CASA of Hancock County in the amount of $5,064.00 for annual support pursuant MS Code §21-19-46.
  5. Routine Agenda.
    1. Motion to approve APPKT 00873 in the amount of $5,064.64.
    2. Motion to approve APPKT 00872 in the amount of $695.35.
    3. Motion to approve the Docket of Claims(Claims DKT155159–DKT155204) the amount of $154,289.79.
    4. Motion to approve September 26, 2018, Payroll Payables, including benefits and taxes, in the amount of $51,407.98 and October 1, 2018 Payroll Payable, including benefits and taxes in the amount of $3,782.78.
    5. Motion incorporate the documents into the Official Minutes:
      Standard Form of Agreement with Morreale Construction LLC in the amount of $10,965.00 for drainage project on Amoka Drive (Ieke Drainage Project).
  6. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items.
  7. Executive Session, if necessary.
  8. Adjourn/Recess.