October 3, 2017 Regular Meeting

Council Chambers, City Hall
and via teleconference, if necessary
October 3, 2017

6:00 p.m. CST


  1. Call to Order.
    1. Invocation – Councilmember L’Ecuyer
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Roll Call
    4. Confirm or adjust agenda order
  2. Presentation Agenda.
    1. Council Comments
      1. The next regularly scheduled Council Meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. CST on October 17, 2017 in Council Chambers located at 5000 Diamondhead Circle.
      2. The City’s Annual Cruisin’ the Coast “Blessing of the Classics” and Cruise-In will be held Wednesday, October 4th from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
      3. National Night Out will be held 5:30 p.m. on October 9, 2017 at City Hall.
      4. October 2017 Domestic Violence Prevention Month Proclamation and Presentation to Rene Davis of Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence
    2. City Manager’s Report
    3. Public Comments on Agenda Items
  3. Policy Agenda.
    1. Approval of Minutes:
      1. September 19, 2017 Formal Meeting
    2. Resolutions:
      1. 2018-008: Motion to adopt Resolution 2018-001 thereby appointing John Kirschenbaum to service a Diamondhead Water and Sewer Commission for a term of 5 years commencing September 29, 2017.
      2. 2018-009: Motion to adopt Resolution thereby appointing a Kenneth Edmonds, Jr.  from Ward 4 to serve on the Diamondhead Water and Sewer Commission.
    3. Action Agenda:
      1. 2018-001: Motion to approve annual contribution to the American Red Cross in the amount $500 pursuant to MS Code §21-19-57.
      2. 2018-002: Motion to approve Recycling Collection Agreement with the Hancock County Regional Solid Waste Authority.
      3. 2018-003: Motion to accept and award RFPs for Engineering Services Master Service Agreement for providing professional services.
      4. 2018-004: Motion for discussion/possible action to identify the remaining steps in the City Manager selection process.
      5. 2018-006: Motion to authorize compensation for 3 officers for traffic control detail for National Night Out Activities on October 9, 2017.
      6. 2018-007: Motion to authorize interfund loans from General Fund to Fund 106 MDOT Exit 16 Lighting in the amount $400,000, Fund 107 DMR Kayak Launches -Boater Access Grant in the amount of $98,475.00 and Fund 003 Tidelands 16 in the amount of $369,750.00.
      7. 2018-010: Motion to set the FY18 salary for the Municipal Court Judge to be $19,176.00.
      8. 2018-011: Motion for discussion/possible action regarding benefits for part-time employees.
      9. 2018-012: Discussion of Mayor and Council salaries.
      10. 2018-013: Motion to authorize submission of Grant Application to National Resource Conservation Service for Sub-basin C improvements.
      11. 2018-014: Motion for the City of Diamondhead to assist East Hancock Library with a book drive on October 21st from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. at no cost to the City.
      12. 2018-015: Motion to authorize participation in CASA’s Touch A Truck event to be held October 21st.
      13. 2018-016: Motion to authorize expenses not to exceed $500 for City Hall and the Diamondhead to purchase items for participation the Trunk or Treat.
      14. 2018-017: Motion to approve payments to Pickering Engineering for professional services relating to the Exit 16 Lighting MDOT Grant project in the amount of $22,357.47 and $16,682.40 for a total payment of $39,039.87.
  4. Routine Agenda.
    1. Motion to approve September 27, 2017 Payroll Payables, including benefits and taxes in the amount of $48,195.42 and October 3, 2017 Payroll Payables, including benefits and taxes in the amount of $3,511.15.
    2. Motion to approve the Docket of Claims(Claims– DKT154065 – DKT154108) in the amount of $91,711.05.
    3. Motion to approve APPKT 00707 in the amount of $4,240.00
    4. Motion to approve APPKT 00708 in the amount of $542.08.
  5. Public Comments on Non Agenda Items.
  6. Executive Session, if necessary.
  7. Adjourn/Recess.