Information about Curbside Recycling Program

November 21, 2017

The City of Diamondhead is proud to announce that beginning on December 1, 2017, Team Waste will begin collecting curbside recycling for the City of Diamondhead residents. Please read the following detailed information concerning the new curbside recycling service:

Q: What Can I Recycle?
A: Paper, Plastic, Aluminum Cans, Steel & Tin Cans, Plastic Jugs/Bottles, Junk Mail, Paperboard (Cereal Boxes, Popcorn Boxes, etc.), Paper Milk/Juice Cartons, Paper Bags, Magazines, Newspaper and Cardboard,
**Please empty and rinse containers & flatten cardboard boxes.
** Please place recyclables loose in recycling bin and DO NOT put in plastic bags. Also, please do not place any recyclables outside of bin.

Q: What Is Not Recyclable?
A: Glass, Containers/Items with Food Residue, Plastic Shopping Bags, Wire Hangers, Waxed Cardboard, Hazardous Waste, Scrap Metal, Styrofoam, Food Waste, Mirrors/Ceramics/Dishes and Electronic Waste.

Q: What Day is My Recycle Pick-Up Day? A: Same day as your garbage pick-up day.

Q: Will the Recycling Roll-Off still be available?
A: No, now that curbside recycling is available we will not have the recycling drop-off site in Diamondhead

Q: When Will I Receive My New Recycle Bin?
A: Team Waste will begin recycling bin delivery on Monday, November 27th. We will begin recycle collection on Friday, December 1st. If you have not received a bin by Friday, December 1st, please notify Team Waste at (228) 328-1820 and we will get one delivered promptly.

Q: Who Do I Call If I Have Questions Concerning My Recycle Service?
A: Team Waste at (228) 328-1820, once prompted press (1) for customer service and then press (2) for residential service.